Installation & Upgrade

Installation instructions can be found in the Pulp User Guide at the Pulp project web site.

As usual, upgraded environments must run pulp-migrate to upgrade to the latest database changes.

Client Tools

As mentioned below, the client tools have been refactored. This affects the client configuration files in /etc/pulp which have to be fixed manually after you upgrade.


After the upgrade,  SELinux no longer has to be set to permissive/disabled. Although, no change is required.


  • File Based Syncs
  • Support to sync file based content repos. Requires a PULP-MANIFEST metadata file
  • New option content_type added to repo creation cli and api. default is ‘yum’; supported types: ‘yum’ & ‘file’
  • Pulp synchronizer has been re-architected to support generic content model
  • Interrupt/Resume Downloads
  • Pulp and Grinder now supports resuming partial download files

  • Client Refactoring
  • Split the pulp-client tool into logical components:
  • pulp-consumer – Consumer client tool
  • pulp-admin – Admin client tool
  • pulp-client-lib – Common client libraries

  • Since the pulp-client package has been renamed, pulp-admin and/or pulp-consumer will have to be installed, not updated. These new packages obsolete pulp-client, so it will be removed when the new packages are installed.
  • The previous client config file has been split into a pulp-consumer specific config file and a pulp-admin specific config file. Any values that were set in /etc/pulp/client.conf will need to be manually reset in the new config files:
  • /etc/pulp/consumer/consumer.conf – pulp-consumer config
  • /etc/pulp/admin/admin.conf – pulp-admin config

  • Added SELinux rules
  • Pulp will run with SELinux enabled on RHEL-6 and Fedora
  • Pulp and SELinux will not be supported on RHEL-5

  • Improved cancel of repository synchronization
  • Previous implementation required pulp wait for the current item to finish downloading before synchronization would be interrupted.
  • New implementation will interrupt a transfer, useful for interrupting transfer of larger ISOs.

  • Added support for jobs which are a collection of tasks.
  • The REST API was expanded to include job queries. Also, pulp-admin CLI contains job command. To enable, edit /etc/pulp/admin/job.conf and change: enabled=True.
  • All consumer group operations updated to use jobs for better status and result feedback for each consumer.
  • Install package on consumer group returns job instead of task.
  • Install errata on consumer group return job instead of task.

Known Issues

Years and months can not be used when specifying timeout values in the cli, due to an incompatibility in a library and will be fixed in a future release. See for a workaround if they are specified and pulp-server can’t be restarted.

Build Versions

  • Pulp: 0.223-4
  • Grinder: 0.110
  • Gofer: 0.44