2.5.0 <– A release candidate is available in Pulp’s beta repo in the 2.5 release stream.

2.6.0 <– Not yet built, but an alpha should be available soon.

Why is the release after 2.5.0 going to be 2.6.0 and not 2.5.1?

Since the version 2.4.0 release, Pulp is working to adhere to semantic versioning. Semantic versioning is important so that users can upgrade to a given version and have a correct expectation about what is in that new version ie: bugfix, features, or backwards incompatible changes. There are new features that are ready to be included in a release, so the next release planned will be 2.6.0.

Will 2.6.0 fix bugs that that exist in 2.5.0?

Yes. There are some new features but also a lot of bugfixes. One of the main bugs resolved is that 2.6.0 should work with RabbitMQ.

I integrate against Pulp (ie: HTTP API, plugin API), is it safe for me to upgrade from 2.5.0 -> 2.6.0?

Yes, any Pulp release that starts with a 2 should be backwards compatible from an API perspective. Sometimes there are good reasons (ie: security) that cause a X.Y release to be incompatible, but 2.5.0 -> 2.6.0 should be completely backwards compatible. 2.4.Z -> 2.5.Z should also be completely reverse compatible.

I develop or contribute to Pulp or Pulp plugins; how does this affect me?

You should do one thing. Go delete 2.5-dev from your fork and local checkouts of pulp, pulp_rpm, and pulp_puppet. We made sure nothing was lost when we deleted 2.5-dev, but you still need to delete your versions of those branches.

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