Pulp 2.9.3 is now Generally Available in the stable repositories:


This release includes bug fixes to Pulp Platform, the RPM Plugin, and the Docker plugin.

No changes have taken place between 2.9.3 Beta 2 and this release.


The 2.9 stable repositories are not included in the pulp repo files, and must be installed manually with the following repository baseurls.

Fedora 23: https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/pulp/pulp/stable/2.9/fedora-$releasever/$basearch/ RHEL/Centos 6 & 7: https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/pulp/pulp/stable/2.9/$releasever/$basearch/

After enabling the pulp 2.9 repository for your distribution, you’ll want to follow the standard upgrade path with migrations:

$ sudo systemctl stop httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager pulp_celerybeat
$ sudo yum upgrade
$ sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db
$ sudo systemctl start httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager pulp_celerybeat

Issues Addressed

These issues are fixed in Pulp 2.9.3:

Docker Support

  • 2198: Timestamp not updated for changed docker_tag
  • 2142: Units created with 0-byte files when sync runs out of disk space


  • 2121: Requires: selinux-policy is broken in spec files
  • 2112: Status API does not log Qpid errors
  • 2047: directory creation race condition during publish

RPM Support

  • 2236: Upgrading to pulp 2.9 causes sync of repos with DRPM’ with a “relativepath” field to fail.
  • 2234: Upgrading to pulp 2.9 causes sync of repos with SRPM’s with a filelist field to fail.
  • 2197: Error report for file size verification is not generated correctly
  • 2134: Updating a repo without specifying checksum_type causes KeyError
  • 1926: package without epoch in the erratum pkglist is not handled correctly during publish
  • 1881: pulp-admin fails to display the erratum if not all metadata is present
  • 236: Don’t re-download rpms if they exist on disk

View this list in Redmine.

Fedora Support

Fedora 22 packages are incidentally included in this release, but are not supported due to Fedora 22 reaching its end-of-life.