The Pulp community is thankful to, who hosts the Pulp issue tracker so well and at no cost.

Why is so great? believes in open source. Their hosted platform is built on Redmine, which is one of the largest open source, web-based project trackers that provides issue management. They contribute downstream enhancements back to the upstream Redmine community whenever possible, and their involvement keeps them as experts in hosting and use of Redmine. They also have a policy to provide free hosting for any open source project.

How great are they?

I help support our issue tracker, and I regularly email support. The number of emails I need to send per issue is usually 1. It probably averages at 1.2. They resolve things very quickly because they know Redmine so well.

In my experience, their website availability has been great. Anecdotally, I’ve never seen offline. Their certs are always working, and their servers load fast.

Story time

Once they looked into a security issue I reported. Their handling of that issue was impeccable in my opinion. They investigated, identified the source of the issue, honestly identified when the insecure code was introduced, fixed it, and proved to me it was fixed all within 24 hours. It also doesn’t hurt that they already have a security advantage from using open source software to begin with.

Thanks for being awesome.