Pulp 2.11.2 is now Generally Available in the stable repositories:


This release includes a small number bug fixes for the Pulp Platform, and the RPM Plugin, and is the final release for the Pulp 2.11 line since the 2.12.0 release is currently in progress.

2.12.0 is expected to be generally available very soon (likely tomorrow); this release is only useful to users explicitly choosing to stay on pulp 2.11 for some time after the release of 2.12.


Due to the imminent release of 2.12.0, the Pulp 2.11 stable repository will not be included in the normal pulp repo files. They will point to Pulp 2.12 upon the release of that version. The appropriate repository for your distribution will need to be manually installed in order to stay on Pulp 2.11.

After adding the appropriate Pulp 2.11 stable repository, you’ll want to follow the standard upgrade path with migrations:

$ sudo systemctl stop httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd
$ sudo yum upgrade
$ sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db
$ sudo systemctl start httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd

The pulp_streamer and goferd services should be omitted if those services are not installed.

Issues Addressed


  • 1847 last_unit_added is not added in mongo repo collection records
  • 2520 credentials in feed URL are not url-unquoted

RPM Support

  • 1086 pulp_distribution.xml sync should ignore repodata/*

View this list in Redmine.

el6 Support Reminder

As mentioned in the 2.11.0 release notes, we are no longer supported el6 distributions after Pulp 2.11. See the release notes for more information: