pulpcore 3.0 beta 1

Pulpcore 3.0 beta 1 has been released, and can be installed from PyPI. We recommend getting started with the file plugin.

Pulp 3 documentation is built nightly. Pulp 3 concepts and changes are covered in our overview documentation. If you find problems or have features you’d like to request please file an issue

Pulp 3 Highlighted New Features

  • Relational database. We designed Pulp 3 to be SQL agnostic, it was developed with SQLite and PostgreSQL.
  • Pulp 3 is installable with pip, and can be run on most linux systems.
  • The set of content in each repository is versioned.
  • Promotion and rollback are fast, synchronous calls.
  • Auto-generated, always up-to-date API reference documentation

What to expect

Weekly Releases to PyPI

Releases of pulpcore and pulpcore-plugin will continue to be announced on the lists.

Changes will be communicated

All of the Pulp 3 APIs may change during the beta process. Breaking changes will be clearly communicated in release notes, and on mailing lists when applicable.

Betas are not part of a supported upgrade path. Migrations from Pulp 2 are planned, but not yet implemented. We do not support upgrades between betas.

Plugin betas

Keep an eye on pulp-list for announcements of plugins entering beta.