Pulp Squeezer, formerly known as Pulp Ansible Modules, is a collection of Ansible modules that you can use to manage Pulp.

Previously, you could use Ansible modules only to manage File content in Pulp. With this 0.0.1 release, you can fetch, upload, organize, and distribute File, Ansible, and Python content.

Installing collections with ansible-galaxy is only supported in Ansible 2.9 and higher.

Check out Pulp Squeezer on Ansible Galaxy.

Available modules

For Ansible content:

  • ansible_distribution
  • ansible_remote
  • ansible_repository
  • ansible_role
  • ansible_sync

For File content:

  • file_content
  • file_distribution
  • file_publication
  • file_remote
  • file_repository
  • file_sync

For Python content:

  • python_distribution
  • python_publication
  • python_remote
  • python_repository
  • python_sync

Pulp general:

  • artifact
  • delete_orphans
  • status
  • task