The Pulp team are pleased to announce the release of Pulp 3.7.0!

Export enhancements

There have been a number of enhancements to the export process:

  • A progress report has been added to export tasks. #6541

  • Improved handling of failed exports. Previously, when an export failed, the export’s tarball was left on the filesystem. This has now been cleaned up so that nothing remains and there is a clean slate. #7246

  • A table of contents information (TOC_info) file has been added to point to the location of the TOC file during the export process. #7221

Managing checksums

ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS have been introduced so that users can specify and limit unwanted checksums in their environment. Note that plugins might not yet support ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS and that users should check plugin’s release notes/docs for support before setting ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS. #5216

Enabling automatic file deletion for Filefield

Pulp has added django-cleanup to automatically cleanup files for models with FileFields. This also applies to models in plugins. Plugin writers can decorate their models with @cleanup.ignore to disable this. #7316

Managing the Installation of Optional Dependences

To make it easier to install optional dependencies such as S3 and Promethious support, as well as some test dependencies, an extras_require argument has been added. #6844

REST API Bug Fixes

For a full list of bug fixes, see the bug fixes section of the changelog.

Plugin API Documentation

There have been a number of enhancements to the plugin API documentation: