One of our main communication channels as a community has been Freenode IRC. We maintain a Matrix bridge to Freenode but require all users to register with Freenode because of spam and to ensure that both Matrix and Freenode users see each other’s messages.

As you’re probably aware, there have been mass resignations from the Freenode board, first leaked last week but made official today [1], as well as the announcement that they are creating another network [2].

As far as I can tell, all open source communities are currently reviewing their options. I wanted to open a conversation here to see what you all think about our potential options. I have been monitoring the Ansible [3] and Fedora [4] community threads to inform myself of other group’s thought processes.

Most importantly, I want to know what Pulp users think. I am of the opinion that because we already maintain a presence on Matrix, it makes sense to stick with Matrix. However, I know that others don’t like Matrix as much as I do, so I am hoping we can discuss and weigh our options. Please write to and let us know what you think.