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Pulp v1.1 Release

A bug fix and minor feature enhancement release has been built to the v1 stable repository ( The fixed bug list is available below.

Upgrades Prior to 1.0.4

The package structure on disk changed in the 1.0.4 release. A script was provided in that release to migrate existing content. If upgrading from a 1.0.4 instance this script does not need to be run again.

Upgrading from versions prior to 1.0.4 however must run the migration script to avoid duplicating content on disk. Instructions on running that script can be found on the Pulp wiki.

Bug Fixes

The list of bug fixes and implemented feature requests can be found using this bugzilla query.

v2 Community Releases

We’re nearing the point of being able to release a preview build of the v2 codebase. It won’t be complete (for instances, CDS support is entirely missing at the moment and will be undergoing a pretty drastic redesign) but it should give some transparency into what is planned for Pulp’s future. My current plan for this release is to target July 1st. More news to follow as it gets closer.