Langpacks Support added to Pulp 2.9.0

Pulp 2.9.0 is still in development, but since langpacks support has been merged, here is a video highlighting this up-and-coming feature.

Langpacks are metadata snippets for RPM repos that allow yum to identify which additional package will provide a specific language support for a package of interest. For example, package gimp-help could have packages gimp-help-en for English or gimp-help-fr for French. Yum has the ability to fetch the langpack for your specific language, but it needs help from the langpacks metadata stored in the repository’s comps.xml file. Pulp 2.9 will be able to manage that extra metadata in RPM repositories.

Here is a langpacks example snippet:

\install\=”\firefox-langpack-%s\“\\ \name\=”\firefox\“\/>

\install\=”\gimp-help-%s\“\\ \name\=”\gimp-help\“\/>

\install\=”\libreoffice-langpack-%s\“\\ \name\=”\libreoffice-core\“\/>

\install\=”\man-pages-%s\“\\ \name\=”\man-pages\“\/>

\install\=”\mythes-%s\“\\ \name\=”\mythes\“\/>


See the video below for more info on Pulp’s ability to maintain and manage langpacks on your RPM repositories.