Pulp at DevConf and FOSDEM Conferences

Pulp is participating in two open-source conferences coming up, DevConf.cz 2017 and FOSDEM. These conferences are a great place for Pulp users and developers to meet-up and get involved in the open source community.

The first is DevConf in Brno, Czech Republic on Jan 27th - Jan 29th, where Pulp will have both a presentation and a booth. Michael Hrivnak will be giving a talk titled Managing OSTree Repositories with Pulp which will show off OSTree functionality provided by the OSTree Plugin. Pulp will share a booth with the Foreman project which has a plugin named Katello that acts as a workflow and frontend tool for Pulp and other softwares. Come by the booth to connect with developers from Pulp, Foreman, and Katello, or contact us via IRC to meet up!

The second is FOSDEM '17 in Brussels, Belgium on February 4th and 5th. Brian Bouterse will be giving a talk titled Debugging Hung Python Processes with GDB which outlines debugging techniques used while debugging Pulp. More details on the talk are here. Pulp developers will be there, so reach out via IRC to meet up.

If you can't make it to either of these, but are interested in joining or hosting a meetup in your area, please let us know via IRC in #pulp on Freenode or send a note to the pulp-list.