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Pulp 2.13.2 Generally Available

Pulp 2.13.2 is now Generally Available in the stable repositories:

This release includes bug fixes for Pulp Platform, RPM Plugin, and the Puppet Plugin.


The Pulp 2 stable repositories are included in the pulp repo files:

After enabling the pulp-stable or pulp-2-stable repository, you'll want to follow the standard upgrade path with migrations:

$ sudo systemctl stop httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd
$ sudo yum upgrade
$ sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db
$ sudo systemctl start httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd

The pulp_streamer and goferd services should be omitted if those services are not installed.

Issues Addressed



  • 2776 pulp-manage-db requires pulp services to be shut down even in dry run mode
  • 2770 Tasks stuck in waiting state if received while qpidd is down
  • 2741 Pulp is not compatible with Django 1.10
  • 2728 Check and fix Pulp compatibility with python-mongoengine >= 0.11.0 in Fedora 26/Rawhide
  • 2639 Upgrade fails on Fedora

RPM Support

  • 2797 Single consumer aplicability generation does not work unless profile already has applicability generated

Puppet Support

  • 2750 pulp_puppet is not compatible with django 1.10
  • 1237 Puppet Install Distributor does not raise exception when non-optional install_path is missing

View this list in Redmine.

Fedora Uprade

This release appears to resolve the issue of upgrading from the pulp packages in Fedora's repositories to the upstream pulp packages.

el6 Support Reminder

As mentioned previously, Pulp no longer supports el6 starting with 2.12.

Pulp users running on RHEL or CentOS 6 are recommended to upgrade their Pulp server to the current major version of that OS, RHEL or CentOS 7.