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Pulp 2.14.0 Generally Available

Pulp 2.14.0 is now generally available, and can be downloaded from the 2.14 stable repositories:

New features for Pulp 2.14 include new features added to the Pulp platform, as well as the Puppet, RPM, Python, and Docker plugins. Many bug fixes are also included in the 2.14.0 release.

More information about these new features can be found in the features list below, as well as in the 2.14 release notes

Pulp Debian Docs

Try out the new features, and let us know how they work for you!

New Plugin: Pulp Debian

With this release we have included an updated Pulp Debian plugin courtesy of our community contibutor Mihai Ibanescu!

This plugin should enable you to work with debian repositories

Fedora 26 Support:

We hoped to bring Fedora 26 support in with this release, but there are still some issues with pulp on Fedora 26.

We are looking at resolving these, and will hopefully be able to provide Fedora 26 builds either shortly after this release, or with the 2.14.1 release.


The Pulp 2 stable repository is included in the pulp repo files:

After enabling the pulp-stable or pulp-2-stable repository, you'll want to follow the standard upgrade path with migrations:

$ sudo systemctl stop httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd
$ sudo yum upgrade
$ sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db
$ sudo systemctl start httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd
The pulp_streamer and goferd services should be omitted if those services are not installed.

New Features


  • 2673: As a user browsing on, I can see a banner displaying when I am browsing docs of an unsupported release
  • 1282: As an EC2 user, I would like to set up a RHUI as an alternate content source


  • 2385: Update crane to serve manifest lists

Debian Support

  • 2763: pulp_deb: repo sync fails: the feed is expected to include dists/stable/
  • 2637: As a user, I'm able to import Debian packages with their dependencies represented correctly.

Docker Support

  • 2735: Add docs about v1 protocol limitation
  • 2384: As a user I can sync manifest lists

OSTree Support

  • 2594: As a User I want Pulp OSTree to create a new unit for each commit version on a branch

RPM Support

  • 2730 As user I want to be able to provide custom rsync arguments to rsync distributor

View this list in redmine

Issues Addressed


  • 2903: Process Recycling feature causes HTTP event notifier to be unreliable
  • 2819: set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE env variable in docs/
  • 2808: Clarify use of pulp-consumer
  • 2786: The content wsgi does not respect logging configuration
  • 2783: CopyDirectoryStep should copy mtime
  • 2874: Race condition during applicability regeneration for consumers with same profile

RPM Support

  • 2754: RPM uploads appear to be missing metadata information


  • 2920: Crane does not redirect correctly to schema 1 path
  • 2759: Set followlinks to True to visit directories pointed to by symlinks
  • 2723: As a user GET /crane/repositories/v2 shows v2 repositories

Debian Support

  • 878: Convert pulp_deb to use MongoEngine models

Docker Support

  • 2924: Accept headers are not correct during the request to the registry
  • 2848: remove tag and name field on the Manifest model
  • 2724: pulp-admin docker repo create --help states v1 content is synced by default
  • 2678: 'relative_repo_path' in docs should be 'repo_relative_path'

OSTree Support

  • 2769: Relative paths are not checked for collisions

Python Support

  • 2900: Add http config change install documentation for Pulp Python
  • 2899: Pulp Python plugin spams logs when downloading wrong filetypes from pypi

All bug fixes from Pulp 2.13.3 and earlier are also included in Pulp 2.14.

View this list in redmine

End of EL6 Support

As mentioned in the 2.11.0 release notes, Pulp no longer supports el6 starting with 2.12.

Pulp users running on RHEL or CentOS 6 are recommended to upgrade their Pulp server to the current major version of that OS, RHEL or CentOS 7.