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Pulp Ansible Plugin Beta 1 Release

A few days ago, we announced the beta 1 release of Pulp 3.0 Core. To coincide with this release, today we are announcing the beta 1 release of the pulp_ansible plugin. This is a brand new plugin that allows you to manage your Ansible content using Pulp. Below you will find information about the plugin, its features, how to install it, and a demo video.

Please note that this plugin is available for Pulp 3.0 only and not Pulp 2.0.

Pulp Ansible Plugin Features

The pulp_ansible plugin supports the following features:

  • Syncing Ansible Roles to Pulp from
  • Managing Ansible Roles with repositories and repository versions
  • Uploading Ansible Roles to Pulp through the REST API
  • Publishing and distributing Ansible Roles using the Galaxy API
  • Installation of Ansible Roles from Pulp using the ansible-galaxy CLI client


To find out how to install pulp_ansible or to read our docs around how to use pulp_ansible, check out the pulp_ansible repository on Github.

Getting involved

To view our progress, report bugs, or request new features, check out our issue tracker at

Demo video