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Pulp 3.0 is Generally Available

The Pulp developer community is excited to announce the general availability of the following:

These plugins are compatible with the pulpcore 3.0.0 release which is also Generally Available today!

RPM Features

pulp_rpm can sync, organize, and distribute the following content types currently:

  • RPMs
  • SRPMs
  • Advisory Content, i.e. Errata
  • Distribution Trees (kickstart trees)
  • Yum Metadata, e.g. comps.xml
  • modularity content

You can upload the following to pulp_rpm:

  • RPM content
  • SRPM
  • Advisory

Container Features

pulp_container can sync, organize, and distribute Docker content.

File Features

pulp_file can sync, organize, upload, and distribute File content.


See the installation docs (links below) for each plugin on how to install. They all use the same installer so they are very similar. Plugins are capable of being installed all together on one installation.


Pulp_rpm offers a quickstart guide which uses pulplift to create a not-long-living installation just to try it out. These same instructions can be adapted to the other plugins also.

Migrating from Pulp2 -> Pulp3

A Pulp 2 -> Pulp 3 migration tool is in-progress, but not fully available yet. Until it is, users are recommended to:

  • not install Pulp3 on top of their Pulp2 system until it is available

We hope this tool will be available within a month or two to migrate the plugin types that are released.

Why these version numbers?

These Pulp plugins use semantic versioning, so the different version numbers have different meanings summarized below.

  • pulp_rpm is 3.0 to indicate future releases will not contain API breaking changes, and it's the next major release after pulp_rpm 2.y
  • pulp_container uses 1.0 to indicate future releases will not contain API breaking changes, but it is overall a new plugin.
  • pulp_file uses 0.1 to indicate future Y-releases may contain API backwards incompatible breaking changes, and it is a new plugin.

Getting Help or Reporting Bugs

Find where to get help or report bugs via the help page on the website here. If you're unsure where to start, we recommend emailing your question to the Pulp user mailing list.


Let us know what you think! Please send feedback to either the:


Thank You to all the developers, integrators, testers, and users who have contributed to this significant milestone for the Pulp project. The collaboration that created this has been excellent.