Open Floor - every Tuesday and Friday 10:30 ET (either EST or EDT) in #pulp-meeting on Freenode (IRC). It’s a time for developer discussion, feedback, and decisions on code/issues/PRs/process relating to pulpcore or plugins. To participate, put a topic on the agenda. Minutes will be sent to the pulp-dev mailing list.

Bug Triage - every Tuesday and Friday immediately after Open Floor in #pulp-meeting on Freenode (IRC). Come and participate in real-time. See the triage process for more details. You can also read through the triage archives.

Upcoming Events

Community Demo - While the livestreaming is on temporary hiatus, see new demo videos added on our YouTube channel. Pulp contributors demonstrate the latest changes to Pulp and its plugins.

Beta or Release Candidate Testing

Testing a Beta or Release Candidate of an upcoming Pulp release is a great way to get involved. Announcements of Beta and RCs happen through pulp-list.

Contribute as a Developer

See the developers guide for how to contribute code fixes.

Join the pulp-dev mailing list for discussion about Pulp itself.

Social Media

To get news for Pulp, follow us on Twitter or check out our Youtube channel.