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The Pulp OSTree plugin adds support for managing OSTree repositories. In this section, readers will learn more about the concept of mirroring remote repositories and publishing them for further client's consumption.


  • Synchronize a remote OSTree repository and serve it via Pulp.
  • Import new OSTree commits to an existing repository.
  • Modify commits and refs within a published repository.
  • Consume OSTree content imported to Pulp by leveraging the ostree utility.


Usually, it is recommended to instal the following utilities when managing OSTree content:

  • ostree - a CLI tool for managing versioned filesystem trees locally
  • osbuild-composer - an HTTP service for building bootable OS disk images
  • composer-cli - a tool for use with a WELDR API server, managing blueprints, or building new images

In this documentation, these utilities are used to demonstrate the way how to create and consume the OSTree content as well as how they can complement the Pulp's functionality.

For the best user experience, the workflows utilize Pulp CLI OSTree. Install the CLI for the OSTree plugin and update its configuration if necessary. It is simple!

pip install pulp-cli-ostree

pulp config create && pulp config edit  # configure the reference to the running Pulp instance