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Record a Demo

If you are contributing a new feature or a substantive change, please record a short demo and provide a downloadable link or asciinema URL to the demo as part of your pull request.

These short demos help the wider Pulp community grasp the latest changes in Pulp. They also provide an extra opportunity for feedback on changes.

While demos with audio are more than welcome, audio is not required.

If your demo involves only a terminal recording, feel free to use a tool such as asciinema.

If you use asciinema, adjust your terminal window to 90x45 characters to maintain the consistency of each of the demos.

You can also use Saftladen - a bundle of scripts to generate asciinema demos for Pulp topics without live user interaction.

If you think that your change is not substantive enough to require a demo, mention that in the body of the pull request. However, those reviewing the pull request might ask you to record a demo if they think it would help the wider community understand the change.

Please tag @melcorr in the body of your pull request to alert her to add your new demo to the list of demos.