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Pulpcore Release Process

Here are the steps to take to release a Pulpcore version. New Y-releases of Pulpcore must take all of them. A new Z-release need only execute steps 2, 3, and 4.

  • "I am releasing a new Y-branch of Pulpcore (e.g., 3.23)":

  • Via the Github Actions, trigger a "Create new release branch" job.

  • "I am releasing a new Z-release of Pulpcore (e.g., 3.23.0, 3.22.12)":

  • Via the Github Actions, trigger a "Release pipeline" job by specifying the release branch (X.Y) and the tag (X.Y.Z) of the release.

  • Once the release is available, make an announcement on Pulp discourse, in the "Announcements" category. See example.
  • The CI automation will create PRs with the Changelog update and Versions bump that will need to be merged.

  • "I have released a new Y-release of Pulpcore, followup actions":

  • Arrange for a new oci-image for that release by following the "oci-images Release Instructions".

  • Update the ci_branches stanza in pulpcore's template.config.yml. This stanza should always (and only) contain:
  • The most-current (i.e., newly-released) branch.
  • All branches in use by supported downstream products (see below). These are branches we will consider backporting selected bugfixes to.
  1. Monitor pulpcore pull-requests for creation of a PR such as "Update supported versions". Such PRs are created by this job. The job may have been disabled if there hasn't been any release-activity in the repository for at least 60 days. You will need to re-enable it in this case.

Some possible failures of Step 2, above, include:

  • If release-tag is new but not based on current-dev, workflow will complain and fail
  • If release-tag is for an existing release (by accident) , the workflow won't fail until the docs-pub. Cleaning this up can be Exciting.

Active branches as of 2023-05-16:

  • pulpcore

  • 3.23 (galaxyNG/4.7)

  • 3.22 (katello/4.9)
  • 3.21 (katello/4.7, galaxyNG/4.6, RHUI/4.3)
  • 3.18 (katello/4.5)
  • 3.16 (katello/4.3)

  • pulp_file

  • 1.12 (katello/4.9)

  • 1.11 (katello/4.7)
  • 1.10 (katello/4.3. 4.5)