Installation & Upgrade

Installation instructions can be found in the Pulp User Guide at the Pulp project web site.

As usual, upgraded environments must run pulp-migrate to upgrade to the latest database changes.


Pulp now provides a patched version of m2crypto (m2crypto-0.21.1.pulp-3.*.rpm). The changes within are required for the newly added certificate revocation list support. The RPM can be found in the Pulp repositories along side the rest of the Pulp RPMs.


  • Certificate revocation lists (CRLs) are now available for protected repositories. CRLs can be installed on a per-CA basis as necessary given the authenticated repository setup. Instructions for configuring a Pulp server to use a CRL can be found in the Repository Authentication section of the user guide.
  • Support has been added for installing a package group to a consumer group.
  • Custom metadata types can now be removed from existing repository metadata (only in Fedora 14 and 15; RHEL support requires a change to createrepo that is in progress).

Build Versions

  • Pulp: 0.230-3
  • Grinder: 0.112
  • Gofer: 0.47