Need help with Pulp? Try these resources.


Pulp is always fixing bugs, make sure you’re running the latest version.


Look in the docs for an answer at

Bug or Feature Request?

Think you’ve found a bug, file it.

You can also browse open issues to see if your bug or feature request has already been filed.

Found a Security Issue?

Security bugs should be emailed to with your Pulp version, vulnerability description, and reproduction steps.

Pulp Community Forum

Our primary method of communication is Pulp Community Discourse.

Feel free to ask and answer questions, give feedback about your experience working with any aspect of Pulp. Introduce yourself, your project, what you’re hoping to achieve with Pulp. We would be delighted to hear from you and understand how Pulp is helping.

Chat to us

The Pulp community’s primary communication channel is Matrix.

Contribute as a Developer

See the developers guide for how to contribute code fixes.

Follow the discourse for discussions about Pulp itself.

Plugin Developer Matrix Channels

If you’re interested in discussing the development of the following plugins, some discussions take place on the following IRC channels:

Online Meetings

Open Floor - every Tuesday at 10:30 ET (either EST or EDT) in pulp-meeting on Matrix . It’s a time for developer discussion, feedback, and decisions on code/issues/PRs/process relating to pulpcore or plugins. To participate, put a topic on the agenda.

Bug Triage - every Tuesday immediately after Open Floor in pulp-meeting on Matrix. Come and participate in real-time.

Upcoming Events

Community Demo - While the livestreaming is on temporary hiatus, see new demo videos added on our YouTube channel. Pulp contributors demonstrate the latest changes to Pulp and its plugins.

Social Media

To get news for Pulp, follow us on Twitter or check out our Youtube channel.