Need help with Pulp? Try these resources


Pulp is always fixing bugs, make sure you’re running the latest version.


Look in the docs for an answer at

For documentation on a specific version of Pulp, see Versioned Documentation.

Bug or Feature Request?

Think you’ve found a bug, file it.

You can also browse open issues to see if your bug or feature request has already been filed.

Pulp Community Discourse

We are currently trialling a move away from mailing lists as a primary method of communication.

At the moment, we are trialling our very own Pulp Community Discourse.

Feel free to ask and answer questions, give feedback about your experience working with any aspect of Pulp. Introduce yourself, your project, what you’re hoping to achieve with Pulp. We would be delighted to hear from you and understand how Pulp is helping.

If you like our Discourse, let us know!

Mailing List

Ask questions, discuss bugs, or use cases on the Pulp mailing list. You can also read the archives.

Chat to us

The Pulp community’s primary communication channel is Matrix.

We have corresponding Libera.Chat rooms for every Matrix room, so if you use IRC exclusively, you can find us there too.

Libera.Chat users

Note that for everything to work well, please register your nick on Libera.Chat.

Plugin Developer Matrix Channels

If you’re interested in discussing the development of the following plugins, some discussions take place on the following IRC channels:

Online Meetings

An open floor and bug triage meetings take place twice a week at #pulp-meeting on Matrix. For more information, see meetings.