Need help with Pulp? Try these resources


Pulp is always fixing bugs, make sure you’re running the latest version.


Look in the docs for an answer at

For documentation on a specific version of Pulp, see Versioned Documentation.

Issue Tracker

Look to see if the current bug or feature exists on the Pulp issues tracker.

See bugs confirmed this week and what versions they affect with the Weekly Bug Report.

Think you’ve found a bug, file it.

Mailing List

Ask questions, discuss bugs, or use cases on the Pulp mailing list. You can also read the archives.


Note that in order to send messages to our channels, you’ll need to register your nickname on Freenode.

Online Meetings

An open floor and bug triage meetings take place twice a week at #pulp-meeting on For more information, see meetings.

Plugin Developer Channels

If you’re interested in discussing the development of the following plugins, some discussions take place on the following IRC channels:


There is a Matrix Pulp Community page that lists all of the Pulp rooms. Note that some clients do not alert you that you need to register your nickname on Freenode to send messages. Ensure that your session is authenticated.