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Run multiple environments

You can running multiple environments simultaneously.

Create an .env file

You may place it in the root of oci_env dir:


# These three values must be different from the api port, docs port and project name for any other
# instances of the environment that are running to avoid conflicts.

# If you want to use a different directory for your git checkouts you can set this
# SRC_DIR=/path/to/my/git/checkouts

Launch the Environment

If you are in the same dir as the file, you can run:

oci-env -e custom.env compose up

Run from anywhere

If you have OCI_ENV_PATH defined you can create a directory for your custom definitions and run oci-env from there without having to specify an absolute path. Example:

$ tree
├── oci_env
└── oci_env_configs
    ├── custom.env
    └── test.env
$ export OCI_ENV_PATH="~/oci_env"
$ cd oci_env_configs
$ oci-env -e custom.env compose up