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Cache a Maven Repository

Pulp Maven can be used to cache packages from Maven Central or any other repository on the internet.

The commands below use the pulp-cli-maven package available on PyPI.

1. Create a new Maven Remote

pulp maven remote create --name maven-central --url
  "pulp_href": "/pulp/api/v3/remotes/maven/maven/a0554b43-d229-4aba-b106-bd9f41eddd31/",
  "pulp_created": "2023-03-10T20:28:08.573718Z",
  "name": "maven-central",
  "url": "",
  "ca_cert": null,
  "client_cert": null,
  "tls_validation": true,
  "proxy_url": null,
  "pulp_labels": {},
  "pulp_last_updated": "2023-03-10T20:28:08.573744Z",
  "download_concurrency": null,
  "max_retries": null,
  "policy": "immediate",
  "total_timeout": null,
  "connect_timeout": null,
  "sock_connect_timeout": null,
  "sock_read_timeout": null,
  "headers": null,
  "rate_limit": null,
  "hidden_fields": [
      "name": "client_key",
      "is_set": false
      "name": "proxy_username",
      "is_set": false
      "name": "proxy_password",
      "is_set": false
      "name": "username",
      "is_set": false
      "name": "password",
      "is_set": false

2. Create a Maven Repository

The repository will be used to store content initially cached by pulpcore-content.

You don't have to specify a remote on it, but adding one now will enable you to not have to specify one each time you want to add newly cached content to a repository.

pulp maven repository create --name maven-central --remote maven-central
  "pulp_href": "/pulp/api/v3/repositories/maven/maven/550b4240-4d1a-4d98-811d-ce7fbbab81c8/",
  "pulp_created": "2023-03-16T10:10:18.047792Z",
  "versions_href": "/pulp/api/v3/repositories/maven/maven/550b4240-4d1a-4d98-811d-ce7fbbab81c8/versions/",
  "pulp_labels": {},
  "latest_version_href": "/pulp/api/v3/repositories/maven/maven/550b4240-4d1a-4d98-811d-ce7fbbab81c8/versions/0/",
  "name": "maven-central",
  "description": null,
  "retain_repo_versions": null,
  "remote": "/pulp/api/v3/remotes/maven/maven/a0554b43-d229-4aba-b106-bd9f41eddd31/"

3. Create a Maven Distribution

Create a distribution with a defined remote.

Doing this ensures that when clients request content from that distribution, pulpcore-content will stream the content from the remote to the client. During that process the content is saved into Pulp.

Adding the repository to the distribution will enable users to browse the HTML listing pages served by pulpcore-content. However, the content will not be displayed there until the cached content is added to the repository as described in the next steps.

pulp maven distribution create --name maven-central --remote maven-central --repository maven-central --base-path maven-central
Started background task /pulp/api/v3/tasks/627488da-5375-4827-9424-5b75b1c880d1/
  "pulp_href": "/pulp/api/v3/distributions/maven/maven/1c70eb04-7229-44a2-bf74-b8a94f461b73/",
  "pulp_created": "2023-03-10T20:30:04.487734Z",
  "base_path": "maven-central",
  "base_url": "http://pulp-hostname/pulp/content/maven-central/",
  "content_guard": null,
  "pulp_labels": {},
  "name": "maven-central",
  "repository": "/pulp/api/v3/repositories/maven/maven/550b4240-4d1a-4d98-811d-ce7fbbab81c8/",
  "remote": "/pulp/api/v3/remotes/maven/maven/a0554b43-d229-4aba-b106-bd9f41eddd31/"

4. Add Pulp as a mirror for Maven

In your ~/.m2/settings.xml add Pulp as a mirror of Maven Central. The URL comes from the base_url attribute of the Maven Distribution.

      <name>Local Maven Central mirror </name>

5. Add cached content to a repository

Whenever content is initially cached by Pulp in the above scenario, it does not belong to any repository. Pulp considers such content an orphan after 24 hours. At that point an Orphan Cleanup task would remove the cached content from Pulp. Adding the cached content to a repository would prevent the cleanup from happening. The following command will create a new repository version by adding all Maven content that was created from a remote associated with the repository since the last repository version was created.

pulp maven repository add-cached-content --name maven-central
Started background task /pulp/api/v3/tasks/2459cf00-3c67-4dd7-bff2-35acd72f584f/