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Manage Helm Charts

Helm charts are packages for Kubernetes applications, bundling YAML files defining resources like deployments and services. To package them as container images, developers use tools like Helm to embed the application code and dependencies into a containerized environment. Container registries provide platforms for storing and sharing these containerized Helm charts, simplifying deployment across Kubernetes clusters.

Push and Host

Use the following example to download and push an etherpad chart from the Red Hat community repository.

Add a chart repository:

helm repo add redhat-cop

Update the information of available charts locally from the chart repository:

helm repo update

Download a chart from a repository:

helm pull redhat-cop/etherpad --version=0.0.4 --untar

Package the chart into a chart archive:

helm package ./etherpad

Log in to your Pulp container registry using helm registry login:

helm registry login

Push the chart to your Pulp Container registry using the helm push command:

helm push etherpad-0.0.4.tgz oci://
Digest: sha256:a6667ff2a0e2bd7aa4813db9ac854b5124ff1c458d170b70c2d2375325f2451b

Ensure that the push worked by deleting the local copy, and then pulling the chart from the repository:

rm -rf etherpad-0.0.4.tgz

helm pull oci:// --version 0.0.4
Digest: sha256:4f627399685880daf30cf77b6026dc129034d68c7676c7e07020b70cf7130902

The chart can then be installed using the helm install command:

helm install etherpad-0.0.4.tgz

Alternatively, charts can be installed directly from the registry without needing to download locally. Use the helm install command and reference the registry location:

helm install oci:// --version=0.0.4


Being an OCI compliant registry, Pulp Container registry can natively mirror helm charts that are stored as an OCI image:

 "schemaVersion": 2,
 "config": {
   "mediaType": "application/vnd.cncf.helm.config.v1+json",
   "digest": "sha256:8ec7c0f2f6860037c19b54c3cfbab48d9b4b21b485a93d87b64690fdb68c2111",
   "size": 117
 "layers": [
     "mediaType": "application/vnd.cncf.helm.chart.content.v1.tar+gzip",
     "digest": "sha256:1b251d38cfe948dfc0a5745b7af5ca574ecb61e52aed10b19039db39af6e1617",
     "size": 2487
     "mediaType": "application/vnd.cncf.helm.chart.provenance.v1.prov",
     "digest": "sha256:3e207b409db364b595ba862cdc12be96dcdad8e36c59a03b7b3b61c946a5741a",
     "size": 643