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Galaxy Deployment

Pulp Operator can also be used to deploy Galaxy, a Pulp plugin to support hosting your very own Ansible Galaxy server.

Deploy and Sync default EE images

It is possible to configure the operator to automatically deploy a set of Execution Environments. It does so by periodic running a skopeo sync command through a k8s CronJob.

To enable this feature, update Pulp CR field deploy_ee_defaults:

  deploy_ee_defaults: true

By default, if it is not defined, it will be considered false.


List of default images synchronized:


Configuring the list of images to be synced

If not provided, the operator will create a ConfigMap called ee-default-images with a custom list of Execution Environments to be synchronized.

During the installation, it is also possible to define the name of a custom ConfigMap using the ee_defaults field:

  deploy_ee_defaults: true
  ee_defaults: <name of the ConfigMap with the list of EE>

Here is an example of how to create the ConfigMap:

$ kubectl apply -f-<<EOF
apiVersion: v1
  images.yaml: |-
        fedora/fedora-minimal: ^latest$
        fedora/fedora: ^latest$
kind: ConfigMap
  name: <name of the ConfigMap with the list of EE>-

The ConfigMap must have the following structure:

  • a key named images.yaml
  • a yaml content with the list of images to be copied

Check skopeo repo doc for more information on the YAML file content format.

Configuring the CronJob resource

When deploy_ee_defaults is set true, a CronJob resource will be created to schedule Jobs that will provision Pods to run the skopeo sync command.
By default, the sync is scheduled to run every two minutes, but it can be changed through the .spec.schedule field from CronJob:

apiVersion: batch/v1
kind: CronJob
  name: my-test-cronjob
  schedule: "*/2 * * * *"

See Kubernetes CronJob documentation for more information of the fields available:


The current version of Pulp Operator is not reconciling the ConfigMap and CronJob used to sync the images. So, after deploying these resource you can modify it directly and the operator will not try to rollback the changes. If you wish to discard any change and use the default values, just delete the CronJob and the operator will re-provision a new one.