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Pull-Through Caching

Pull-through caching enables plugins to use remotes on their distributions that will act as an upstream fallback source when an user requests content from Pulp. The content will be streamed from the remote and saved in Pulp to be served again in future requests. This feature requires plugins to provide implementations for the methods below on the subclasses of their Remote and Content objects.

.. automethod::
.. automethod::
.. automethod::

Finally, plugin writers need to expose the remote field on their distribution serializer to allow users to add their remotes to their distributions. The remote field is already present on the base distribution model, so no new migration is needed.

class GemDistributionSerializer(DistributionSerializer):
    """A Serializer for GemDistribution."""


    remote = DetailRelatedField(
        help_text=_("Remote that can be used to fetch content when using pull-through caching."),

    class Meta:
        fields = DistributionSerializer.Meta.fields + ("publication", "remote")
        model = GemDistribution