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Configure Alternate Content Sources

Alternate Content Sources (ACS) can help speed up populating of new repositories. If you have content stored locally or geographically near you which matches the remote content, Alternate Content Sources will allow you to substitute this content, allowing for faster data transfer.

Alternate Content Sources base is provided by pulpcore. You can learn more about its general usage here.

To use an Alternate Content Source you need a RPMRemote with path of your ACS.


Remotes with mirrorlist URLs cannot be used as an Alternative Content Source.

pulp rpm remote create --name rpm_acs_remote --policy on_demand --url

Create Alternate Content Source

Create an Alternate Content Source.

pulp rpm acs create --name rpm_acs --remote rpm_acs_remote

Alternate Content Source Paths

If you have more places with ACS within one base path you can specify them by paths and all of them will be considered as a ACS.

pulp rpm remote create --name rpm_acs_remote --policy on_demand --url
pulp rpm acs create --name rpm_acs --remote rpm_acs_remote --path "rpm-unsigned/" --path "rpm-distribution-tree/"

Refresh Alternate Content Source

To make your ACS available for future syncs you need to call refresh endpoint on your ACS. This create a catalogue of available content which will be used instead new content if found.

pulp rpm acs refresh --name rpm_acs

Alternate Content Source has a global scope so if any content is found in ACS it will be used in all future syncs.