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Release an Image

Release instructions (multi-process images)

We maintain a container tag for every pulpcore y-release (e.g. 3.7, 3.8, ...). When there's a pulpcore z-release, the existing y-release branch is built and published again.

Pulpcore Y release

  • First create a new release branch in this pulp-oci-images repo for the prior Y release (if it does not already exist.) So if you are releasing 3.23, create the 3.22 branch.
  • Update PULPCORE_VERSION in the following files on the prior Y release branch (see here as an example, albeit of only 1 file):
  • images/pulp/stable/Containerfile
  • images/pulp-minimal/stable/Containerfile.core
  • Update branches on the latest branch .ci/scripts/ to include the prior Y release. (Once merged, it will trigger a build of the new released version from the latest branch.)