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MacOS machines

Setup on arm64 macOS machines

Unfortunately, pulp-oci-images aren't built for other platforms than amd64, so you're likely to see the output below when trying to follow the setup instructions on these machines.

This is what you're likely to see in your console when trying the setup on a arm64 machine:

First, you will see a warning: WARNING: image platform (linux/amd64) does not match the expected platform (linux/arm64)

oci-env compose build process displaying the warning above

But even so, the command oci-env compose build will end with exit code: 0

oci-env compose build process returning exit code: 0

Finally, when you try to run oci-env compose up this is what you will see:

oci-env compose up errors

In order to fix it, the simplest and fastest way is just to download Docker Desktop and enable Rosetta 2 support, like this:

Docker Desktop Rosetta 2 setup

After setting it up, you need to click in Apply and Restart so Docker Desktop will restart and apply the configuration.

Finally, you need to change the COMPOSE_BINARY variable in your compose.env file to COMPOSE_BINARY=docker, like so:

# Program to use for compose. This defaults to podman. Uncomment this to use docker-compose.

Run these commands:

oci-env compose build
oci-env compose up

And it should run properly 🎉

oci-env compose up (with Docker) running properly

Other problems

If you see the message => ERROR [_base internal] load metadata for when running oci-env compose build:

oci-env compose build problems

It means your ~/.docker/config.json probably is configured to access a private Docker registry, so verify which configurations are there and adjust it accordingly.

If you want to start fresh and have a new ~/.docker/config.json, you can just run rm ~/.docker/config.json, restart Docker Desktop so it is recreated and rerun oci-env compose build, which should work properly.