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Common issues

I modified a configmap/secret but the new config is not replicated to pods

This is a known issue that Pulp team is discussing what will be the best way to handle it. The Kubernetes community does not have a consensus about it too.

One of the reasons that we don't want to put the pod restart logic (to propagate the new configuration) in operator is because it can cause downtime in case of error and we would need to automate the rollback or fix processes, which would probably bring other issues instead of being helpful.

How can I fix the "Multi-Attach error for volume "my-volume" Volume is already used by pod(s) my-pod"?

Warning  FailedAttachVolume  44m                   attachdetach-controller  Multi-Attach error for volume "my-volume" Volume is already used by pod(s) my-pod

The Multi-Attach error happens when the deployment is configured to mount a RWO volume and the scheduler tries to run a new pod in a different node. To fix the error and allow the new pod to be provisioned, delete the old pod so that the new one will be able to mount the volume.

Another common scenario that this issue happens is if a node lose communication with the cluster and the controller tries to provision a new pod. Since the communication of the failing node with the cluster is lost, it is not possible to detach the volume before trying to attach it again to the new pod.

To avoid this issue, it is recommended to use RWX volumes. If it is not possible, modify the strategy type from Pulp CR as Recreate.

Which resources are managed by the Operator?

The Operator manages almost all resources it provisions, which are:

  • Deployments
    • pulp-api, pulp-content, pulp-worker, pulp-web(optional), pulp-redis(optional)
  • Services
    • pulp-api-svc, pulp-content-svc, pulp-web-svc(optional),pulp-redis-svc(optional)
  • Routes(optional)
    • pulp, pulp-content, pulp-api, pulp-auth, pulp-container-v2, ...
  • Ingresses(optional)
    • pulp

Some resources are provisioned by the Operator, but no reconciliation is made (even in managed state):

  • ConfigMaps
  • Secrets


Keep in mind that this list is constantly changing (sometimes we are adding more resources, sometimes we identify that a resource is not needed anymore).

Which fields are reconciled when the Operator is set as managed?

All fields from Spec should be reconciled on Deployments, Services, Routes and Ingresses objects.

I created a new PulpRestore CR, but the restore procedure is not running again. Checking the operator logs I found the message "PulpRestore lock ConfigMap found. No restore procedure will be executed!"

After the Operator finishes executing a restore procedure it creates a ConfigMap called restore-lock. This ConfigMap is used to control the restore reconciliation loop and avoid it overwriting all files or Secrets with data from an old backup.
If you still want to run the restore, just delete the restore-lock ConfigMap and recreate the PulpRestore CR.