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Welcome to Pulp RPM!

The pulp_rpm plugin extends pulpcore to support hosting RPM family content types.

If you just got here, you should take our Getting Started with RPM tutorial to get your first RPM repository up and running. We also recommended that you read the Basic Concepts section before diving into the workflows and reference material.


  • Sync-publish workflow:
    • Support for RPM Packages, Advisories, Modularity, and Comps
    • Support for ULN servers
  • Versioned Repositories so every operation is a restorable snapshot
  • Download content on-demand when requested by clients to reduce disk space.
  • Upload local RPM content
  • Add, remove, copy, and organize RPM content into various repositories
  • De-duplication of all saved content
  • Host content either locally or on S3
  • View distributions served by pulpcore-content in a browser