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Pull Request Walkthrough

Changes to pulpcore are submitted via GitHub Pull Requests (PR) to the pulp git repository.

Plugin git repositories are listed in the plugin table.


  1. Add functional tests or unit tests where appropriate and ensure tests are passing on the CI.
  2. Add a CHANGES entry <changelog-update>.
  3. Update relevent {doc}documentation. Please build the docs to test!
  4. Rebase and squash to a single commit.
  5. Write an excellent commit-message. Make sure you reference and link to the issue.
  6. Push your branch to your fork and open a Pull request across forks.
  7. If the change requires a corresponding change in pulp-cli, open a PR against the pulp-cli or {doc}file an issue</bugs-features>.


Before a pull request can be merged, the tests must pass and it must be reviewed. We encourage you to reach out to the developers to get speedy review.

To Cherry-Pick or Not

If you are fixing a bug that should also be backported to another branch than main, add the backport label, .e.g backport-3.18. PR authors can also add or remove this label if they have write access.