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How it Works

At it's core, the oci-env command launches a predictable set of containers with a CLI interface to communicate with them. Thes containers are launched by taking advantage of a feature in docker and podman compose that allow multiple compose.yaml files to be selected via the -f flag. The command that oci-env runs can be viewed with the -v flag:

oci-env -v compose up
Running command in container: docker-compose -p oci_env -f /Users/dnewswan/code/hub/oci_env/.compiled/oci_env/base_compose.yaml -f /Users/dnewswan/code/hub/oci_env/.compiled/oci_env/galaxy_ui_compose.yaml up

Since not all compose runtimes support variable interpolation, oci-env handles that by itself. The compose.yaml files provided by all of the plugins are gathered up and the variables defined in your compose.env file are substituted using python's str.format() command and placed in the .compiled/<COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME>/ directory. This directory contains all the information for the running instance of your dev enviornment:

(venv) dnewswan-mac:oci_env dnewswan$ tree .compiled/
├── ci
│  ├── base_compose.yaml
│  ├── combined.env
│  └──
└── oci_env
    ├── base_compose.yaml
    ├── combined.env
    ├── galaxy_ui_compose.yaml

.compiled/ contains all your compose files (with the correct variable substitutions) as well as an script that launches each profile's script and a combined.env file which combines all the pulp_config.env files into one and performs variable substitution. The combined.env file is then loaded into the pulp container as an environment variable, and is run once the container has initialized.

Once all of the information here is compiled, oci-env launches the container runtime and mounts the following directories:

  • oci_env is mounted into /opt/oci_env/. This creates a predictable location to launch scripts provided by oci_env (such as /opt/oci_env/base/container_scripts/
  • your source code directory is mountent into /opt/src/. This provies a predictable location to find plugin source code (such as /src/pulpcore/).