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Pulp 3 CLI Docs

This is the documentation for Pulp 3's command line interface.

Here you can find information about how to install the Pulp 3 CLI, and general usage and syntax information.

Currently pulp-cli supports pulpcore and 6 of Pulp's plugins: pulp_ansible, pulp-certguard, pulp_container, pulp_file, pulp_python and pulp_rpm. See section below for information on how to extend the CLI to support other Pulp plugins.

You can find workflow examples for the Pulp 3 CLI throughout the plugin documentation. For example, synchronizing a File repository.

Use the links on the left to navigate.

CLI Plugins

The CLI can be extended via external plugins. See the installation instructions.

Known plugins include:

Plugin Description Source Repository
pulp-cli-deb Provides the deb subcommand group to interact with pulp_deb. pulp/pulp-cli-deb
pulp-cli-gem Provides the gem subcommand group to interact with pulp_gem. pulp/pulp-cli-gem
pulp-cli-maven Provides the maven subcommand group to interact with pulp_maven. pulp/pulp-cli-maven
pulp-cli-ostree Provides the ostree subcommand group to interact with pulp_ostree. pulp/pulp-cli-ostree