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Basic Concepts

Service Types

Pulp operator works with three different types of service containers: the Operator itself, the Main service and the Web service.

It is manually built and hosted on If you want to know more about the underlying container images, visit the Pulp Container Images section.

Operator Main Web
Image pulp-operator pulp-minimal pulp-web
Image pulp-operator galaxy-minimal galaxy-web

Custom Resource Definitions

Pulp Operator currently provides three different kinds of Custom Resources: Pulp, Pulp Backup and Pulp Restore.

  • Pulp: Manages the Pulp application and its deployments, services, etc.
  • Pulp Backup: Manages pulp backup
  • Pulp Restore: Manages the restoration of a pulp backup


Some components, like pulp-web, are not mandatory and depending on how Pulp CR is configured the operator will take care of configuring the other resources that depend on them.

Pulp Architecture
Overview of a common Pulp Operator installation.

Further Reading