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When users enable task diagnostics using the TASK_DIAGNOSTICS setting, all tasks will write out diagnostic information to data files in /var/tmp/pulp/<task_UUID>/ directory.

Memory Analysis

The resident set size (RSS) of the process is measured every 5 seconds and written to a file such as /var/tmp/pulp/3367e577-4b09-44b6-9069-4a06c367776a/memory.datum.

You can plot this with gnuplot by changing into the directory with the files you want to see then:

  1. Enter the gnuplot interactive environment.

  2. Paste these commands:

set terminal png size 1200,900 enhanced font "Arial, 10"
set output "memory.png"
set ylabel "Task Process Megabytes (MB)"
set xlabel "Seconds since task start"
plot "memory.datum" with lines
  1. Open your png chart saved at memory.png


If the pyinstrument package is installed, a runtime profile of the execution of the task will be automatically produced and written to a file such as /var/tmp/pulp/3367e577-4b09-44b6-9069-4a06c367776a/pyinstrument.html.

When opened in a browser, this profile will present a tree showing how much time is being spent in various functions relative to the total runtime of the task.