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Build Images


All container build APIs are in tech preview. Backwards compatibility when upgrading is not guaranteed.

Users can add new images to a container repository by uploading a Containerfile. The syntax for Containerfile is the same as for a Dockerfile. The same REST API endpoint also accepts a JSON string that maps artifacts in Pulp to a filename. Any artifacts passed in are available inside the build container at /pulp_working_directory.

Create a Repository

REPO_HREF=$(pulp container repository create --name building | jq -r '.pulp_href')

Create an Artifact

echo 'Hello world!' > example.txt

ARTIFACT_HREF=$(http --form POST http://localhost/pulp/api/v3/artifacts/ \
    file@./example.txt \
    | jq -r '.pulp_href')

Create a Containerfile

echo 'FROM centos:7

# Copy a file using COPY statement. Use the relative path specified in the 'artifacts' parameter.
COPY foo/bar/example.txt /inside-image.txt

# Print the content of the file when the container starts
CMD ["cat", "/inside-image.txt"]' >> Containerfile

Build an OCI image

TASK_HREF=$(http --form POST :$REPO_HREF'build_image/' containerfile@./Containerfile \
artifacts="{\"$ARTIFACT_HREF\": \"foo/bar/example.txt\"}"  | jq -r '.task')


Non-staff users, lacking read access to the artifacts endpoint, may encounter restricted functionality as they are prohibited from listing artifacts uploaded to Pulp and utilizing them within the build process.