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OpenTelemetry Developer Environment Profile


This profile is intended to be used as a developer environment to integrate OpenTelemetry framework with Pulp. Currently, this profile cannot be used with other profiles simultaneously.

So, the stack is composed by: * Prometheus (exposed at port 8889) * Responsible for scraping and storing time-series metrics from the application * Grafana (exposed at port 3000) * Used to create visualizations using Prometheus exposed data * Jaeger (exposed at port 16686) * To visualize traces from the application * OpenTelemetry Collector * Needed to receive, process and export telemetry information between the application and any of its consumers

Instrumenting code


You need to modify pulpcore/app/ to be the following:

import os

from django.core.wsgi import get_wsgi_application
from opentelemetry.instrumentation.wsgi import OpenTelemetryMiddleware

os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "")

application = get_wsgi_application()
application = OpenTelemetryMiddleware(application)
just like pulp/pulpcore#3632.

Extra Variables

    • Description: Enable telemetry on Pulp.
    • Options:
      • true: Enable OpenTelemetry
      • false: Disable OpenTelemetry
    • Default: false
    • Description: the address used by the instrumentator to send telemetry
    • Default: http://otel-collector:4318
    • Description: the protocol used to comunicate with the collector
    • Default: http/protobuf

Examples / Tips

  1. After calling oci-env compose up and waiting a moment for it to start up, you can access Grafana on http://localhost:3000. If it is the first time you're accessing it, it will ask you to change the admin password. After it, you can check on Explore section to find all the metrics collected by OpenTelemetry and sent to Prometheus.
  2. We already added the Prometheus Datasource into Grafana. ;)
  3. There is some dashboards with visualizations of some metrics, like Latency P55 and Active Connections. Try them out!
  4. You can call Jaeger on http://localhost:16686 to visualize the traces produced by OpenTelemetry. Try to select any app on the Service field and see some traces.