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Overview of Backup/Restore Operations

In addition to provisioning Pulp components, the Operator can also be used to backup and restore them.


Before starting a backup, make sure that the namespace has enough storage quota available.


The backup procedure creates a manager Pod which will be used to execute all the backup tasks:

  • run a pg_dump (database dump) on Pulp's database
  • do a copy of the Pulp CR instance defined in deployment_name
  • do a copy of the Secrets
  • do a copy of /var/lib/pulp directory
  • delete the manager Pod to not consume resources

These data will be stored in a new PVC defined in PulpBackup CR (backup_pvc or backup_storage_class).


The current version of the Operator does not execute backups of external PostgreSQL instances yet.


Considering that files stored in Object Storage (like AWS S3 and/or Azure Blob) are not kept in /var/lib/pulp directory, they will not be copied. If you still need to do a backup of the artifacts stored in Object Storage, please, contact your cloud provider to check the procedure to do so.


The restore procedure also creates a manager Pod to execute all the tasks:

  • restore the Secrets
  • restore Pulp CR instance
  • restore Pulp database
  • restore /var/lib/pulp directory
  • delete the manager Pod to not consume resources

All data restored comes from the PVC defined in PulpRestore CR (backup_pvc).