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Create plugin Overview Pages

There are two plugin overview pages:

  • One for "User Manual" (e.g, User Manual > Plugins > RPM)
  • One for "Developer Manual" (e.g, Developer Manual > Plugins > RPM)

These pages contains an introductory text for its target audicence and a generated ToC. Also, note that:

  • If no custom overview page is found, one will be generated.
  • A ToC will always be appended this file, even if you provide a custom page.

Create plugin overviews

Create files named in the appropriate directories.

# "User Manual" Overview
touch docs/

# "Dev Manual" Overview
touch docs/dev/

Writing style tips

Things to keep in mind:

  • Audience: Target newcomers. Experienced users will probably use the ToC or the search.
  • Format: Synopsis + Roadmap. Tell what your plugin is, what it does and a simple roadmap for starting.
  • Size: Keep it brief. This should an easy win for the user before he starts this journey.