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Update Repository Version Retention

Repositories in Pulp 3 are versioned and anytime a change is made to the content of Repository, a new version is created. These RepositoryVersions are immutable: they can only be created and deleted, not updated or changed.

Version Retention

By default,retain_repo_versions is null which means that Pulp will store all versions of a Repository. This behavior can be changed by setting the retain_repo_versions field on the Repository. A Repository must have at least one RepositoryVersion so retain_repo_versions must be greater than or equal to 1.

Setting retain_repo_versions to 1 effectively disables repository versioning since Pulp will only store the latest version.

Cleanup will ignore any repo versions that are being served directly via a distribution or via a publication.

To update this field for a file Repository called myrepo, simply call:

pulp file repository update --name myrepo --retained-versions 1

Note that updating this field will automatically update the versions for the Repository so setting the number to a smaller value will cause Pulp to delete any versions that exceed the number of retained versions.