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Configure Pulp Allowed Content Checksums

During repositories synchronization, Pulp checks the downloaded files against a list of checksums algorithms. Together with a valid (and trusted) release file signature this will guarantee the integrity of the synchronized repository.

The list of checksums algorithms is defined using the ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS setting.
For more information on how Pulp uses the checksums check:

To set the ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS in Pulp Operator, update Pulp CR with:

  - sha256


sha256 is a mandatory checksum. The possible checksums are: md5, sha1,sha256,sha512.

After modifying the allowed_content_checksums field in Pulp CR, the operator will create a kubernetes job to run the pulpcore-manager handle-artifact-checksums command to ensure database consistency.


Missing checksums will need to be recalculated for all your artifacts which can take some time.