Open Source tooling, such as for managing the state of Pulp and integrating it with other projects, that is either maintained by the commnunity or other projects, or that is developed by the Pulp Project but not yet in production.

Foreman / Katello

Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. Katello brings the full power of content management alongside the provisioning and configuration capabilities of Foreman.

Foreman and Katello use Pulp for managing repositories of software packages. Katello provides a graphical Web UI for Pulp and integrates it with its workflows, but does not expose every underlying feature and content type of Pulp.

The following video gives a comprehensive overview of the workflows available with Katello:

For an idea of the range of content management options, see the Katello user documentation.


pulp_rpm_repos (GitHub, Galaxy): Use Pulp API client to manage repositories in a Pulp 3 server

This Ansible role interacts with a Pulp 3 server. It helps to create and manage rpm repositories.

Python project to manage Pulp repos: pulp_operations

pulp_operations is a Python project by Erik Whitesides that you can use to help manage many aspects of Pulp repositories.

You can find the pulp_operations project and instructions on GitHub.

Pulp Docker community images

A set of Docker images for Pulp 3, with a Docker Compose.

Docker Compose - Docker Compose to install and configure Pulp with. Maintained by Kong engineers.

StackHPC Ansible Collection

This StackHPC Ansible collection builds on the modules available in Pulp Squeezer, adding roles for repositories, publications, distributions and content guards, as well as one for creating Django users. This helps to reduce the boilerplate involved, and makes the configuration more ‘declarative’.