The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a useful tool that Pulp2 users have come to rely on. As Pulp3 works towards a Release Candidate and finally a Generally Available release, we want to communicate our recommendations on the CLI usage.

Current State

Recently for Pulp3, a prototype auto-generating CLI was created for Pulp3. It was very useful in the sense that we learned a lot about how the Pulp API is being described by OpenAPI v2. However since the next steps were identified, we realized the remaining work required to bring the prototype to a usable point is a non-trivial level of effort.

Another option that is available is to use HTTPie as the CLI. You can see examples of HTTPie usage, .i.e. http in the pulp_file instructions. Using HTTPie is similar to the auto-generating CLI because both have each command be a single API call.

Recommendation to Pulp3 users

So for the time being, at least through the Pulp 3.0 General Availability, it’s recommended to use HTTPie for your command line scripting needs. You can see examples of its usage in the pulp_file instructions. Other Pulp3 plugins have similar instructions on how to interact with their APIs using httpie in their README files

Workflow Based CLI

The Pulp2 CLI, pulp-admin is primarily a workflow tool. Pulp3 does several steps differently than Pulp2, so as users approach Pulp3, we don’t yet know the workflow use cases that are of broad use to many users. Given that requirements gap, the current approach is to wait to hear from users about what their workflow CLI needs are.

Contribute Your Use Cases

Do you want a specific workflow for a Pulp3 CLI? Write a story here with details of the workflow that would be useful to you.