After our last update on the Pulp 3.0 Core RC, we have been working on the list of open items for the Pulp 3.0 Core RC and are closing in on completion. We felt it would be helpful to share our best estimates on dates and an updated plan.

Feature Freeze Target: March 6:

  • All items found in this query merged
  • Any RC Blocker work coming out of the Upload discussion
  • Beta release available on PyPI
  • Branch closed for merging

2 Week Feature Freeze:

  • Critical bug fixes
  • Work on plugins compatible Pulp 3.0 Core RC

Core RC Target: March 20 (Feature freeze + 2 week):

  • Pulp 3.0 Core RC release
  • Pulp file plugin release

Feature Freeze will happen when all features been delivered. If that date ends up being before or after March 6, the Core RC Target will be 2 weeks from the Feature Freeze date.

We expect new plugin releases shortly after or up to a few the weeks after the Pulp 3.0 Core RC release. Please continue to follow the mailing list and blog for announcements of plugin releases that will work with the new Pulp 3 RC release.

Please bring up any concerns you have regarding content you do not see in the feature query that you believe should be. For more background information, please also see our previous post.