The Pulp team is pleased to announce the release of the 0.3.0 version of the Pulp 2-to-3 Migration plugin.

You can use this plugin to migrate content from Pulp 2 into Pulp 3. At the moment, the migration plugin covers the following scenarios:

  • Pulp 2 ISO content can be migrated into Pulp 3 File.
  • Pulp 2 Docker content can be migrated into Pulp 3 Container.
  • Pulp 2 RPM content can be migrated into Pulp 3 RPM.

This release is compatible with Pulpcore 3.6 and the following content plugins:

  • Pulp File 1.2
  • Pulp Container 2.0
  • Pulp RPM 3.6

You can migrate plugin by plugin, or all plugins together.

Release Features

This release includes the following features:

  • A GroupProgressReport entry has been added so that users can track the progress of the migration. #6769
  • Compatibility changes were added to match the recent release of Pulp Container 2.0 plugin. #7365

Bug Fixes

  • Added significant performance improvements to partial migrations of additional content. #6111
  • Fixed a problem that caused a migration failure for a distribution tree if it has a treeinfo and not .treeinfo . #6951
  • Fixed an issue with the labeling of Pulp 2 Lazy Content catalog entries to prevent false negatives and migration failures on re-migration. #7260


You must migrate Pulp 2 content to a Pulp 3 instance that has not been used for the content plugin that you want to migrate. The migration process can remove some Pulp 3 data related to the plugin that is being migrated. Naming and distribution paths of migrated and Pulp 3 content can clash.

Safe Example

If you use Pulp 3 with the pulp_file plugin and now want to migrate RPM content from Pulp 2 to Pulp 3. If you haven’t used the Pulp 3 RPM plugin, then you can safely migrate and start using the RPM plugin.

Unsafe Example

If you use Pulp 3 with the RPM plugin (version 3.x) and decide to migrate Pulp 2 RPM content to Pulp 3, you will encounter problems.