Recently, the Pulp 3 Debian plugin 2.6.1 was released. After eight beta versions, this is the first GA release.

Let’s take a look at the Debian plugin’s main features:

  • Ability to synchronize all or a subset of an upstream repository
  • Support for the manual upload of files to a pulp_deb repository
  • A public GPG key can be used to verify upstream Release files
  • Simple and structured publishing options
  • Use a signing service to sign your simple and/or structured publications
  • Verbatim publishing to recreate the synchronized subset of an upstream repository exactly
  • Support for various Debian content types. Each content type has its own REST API endpoint

The Pulp 3 Debian documentation is robust and contains example workflows.


There are two options in the workflow:

  1. Create a remote and repository and then synchronize the Debian content from the remote to the repository.
  2. Create a repository and manually upload a file to that repository.

After this, you can create a publication and a distribution so that your content is consumable by a package manager.


You can find the Debian plugin on PyPI.

Check out the installation instructions.

You can find all the bindings here.

Any questions, comments, or feedback, please write to or join us on the #pulp channel on Freenode IRC.